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Make Our People Your People


Property Answer offers specialized customization for your business, and dynamic call answering for large and small property management firms. We understand that property managers and property management firms need to manage their own expenses while providing a superior level of care to these tenants as well as their parents. We cater to the needs of:

Real estate agents
Property managers
Leasing offices
Construction businesses
And other B2B firms

Our clients value the customer experience as much as we do. Which is why we work hard to satisfy their concerns and helped many of them with their growth over the past 7 decades. We would love to help you “build your business, one call at a time!”

call centre
President with his parents

“President Brad French with his parents (and previous owners) Jack and Marie French”


Founded in 1948, Property Answer (a division of Alliance Communications) has provided professional telephone answering services for a wide spectrum of clients across North America and has won multiple Awards of Excellence from industry-accredited associations CAM-X (Canadian Association of Message Exchanges), ATSI (Association of TeleServices International) and NAEO (National Amtelco Equipment Owners).

From the first time we meet with you, we are about understanding your business – your corporate culture and personality – the dynamics that drive your revenue – and the issues you’re seeking to resolve. We believe every client is unique, and no single solution can work for everyone.

It’s that personalized attention to detail that sets the tone for how we work for you. When we represent you, we want you to feel as if your customers are cared for in the same way as if you were answering the phone yourself. In the end, we don’t want you to think of us just as an expense, but instead, see us as a key component of your overall business.

We realized a long time ago that we are only as good as our people – that is why we wanted to establish the preeminent answering service, we had to be prepared to find, train and retain top-calibre people. We knew unless we hired the best people, we could not reasonably expect you to make us an extension of your business.

Our agents receive over 90 hours of initial training before they take their first call and then participate in continuous education sessions to stay current on all accounts and technology.

We are proud that we pay our agents a living wage and offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes a pension program. In addition, we incentivize our agents to score top marks with the mystery shopper program. This philosophy has been very effective for us, as we enjoy a very low staff turnover, with an average length of service of 15 years.


The management team at Property Answer has expertise in every segment of our operations – from human resources training and customer service – to sophisticated computer/telephony integration. Our ongoing, comprehensive training programs ensure we constantly deliver excellent customer service in every facet of our business.


Property Answer is proud to participate in the Alliance Cares program, which is an employee-driven initiative to give back to the communities we serve. Every month a different cause is chosen. Food drives, toy collections, backpack donations, and support for cancer and Alzheimer’s patients are just a few of the worthwhile charities we support.

play court
Alliance Cares



Property Answer is committed to superior customer service, continued innovation, and maintaining professional standards. Property Answer is proud to be a member of multiple call answering professional organizations that continuously score us on the following criteria: hold times, answer phrases, live answer, call control, attitude, manners, grammar, tone of voice, the accuracy of message taking and overall customer service.


We can proudly say that we have achieved the Award of Excellence for all three industry organizations.

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