What Is an Emergency?

Feb 10
Sharron Lawson

As property managers or those working in the trade industry we often hear messages from residents and clients declaring they are experiencing an emergency. When these calls take place during business hours it is easy to have a talk with them and determine if it truly is an emergency; but what happens when it is after-hours?


What is an Emergency?
As the business owner, you determine what an emergency is. Each professional or business has its own parameters by which they judge whether a situation is truly an emergency, or if it can wait a short time to be addressed.

Often times the crisis happens after-hours or on weekends; when no one is there to answer the resident or client's calls. They may leave a message or they may continue to call in hopes of reaching someone to help. This leaves them with a feeling of uncertainty and many times lead them to feel upset and unheard.

How Can Property Answer Help You?
When the phone call goes unanswered, it won't go to voicemail it will come to us.

  • Your customer will speak to one of our live professional operators and can express their concerns immediately.
  • Our trained professional operators will follow the guidelines set by you as to what is an emergency.
  • If the concern constitutes what you have determined to be an emergency, we will notify your on-call and the customer will be reassured the problem is being addressed
  • If the concern does not constitute an emergency our professional operator will take a detailed note of the conversation that will be forwarded to your team in the morning. The customer will be assured that their concern has been heard, you have been notified; and that the issue will be resolved soon.

With our answering service at Property Answer, you can have the peace of mind that your customers are being taken care of in a professional and courteous manner while you are unavailable.