Managing Stress on the Job

Feb 13
Sharron Lawson

Whether it’s due to a time crunch at work, a relationship with a co-worker, or an issue that you can’t quite solve, managing stress on the job is crucial to performing your very best. Without stress management, a person is more prone to long term physical and mental health issues. Here are some tips to quickly manage stress while on the job.


  1. Take a break
    This may seem silly. You have a job to do - and no time to do it! But in fact, creating a culture where it’s okay to take a step back is beneficial. It gives space to reflect on what is working, and what is not. Sometimes getting caught up in the same action for too long can actually hinder progress. Reminding yourself that it’s human to take a breath, get some fresh air, and reconnect with yourself is key to staying sane.
  2. Meditate
    There are some wonderful meditation apps, guided videos, and music out there. Even taking a second to focus on your breathing during a stressful moment on the job can decrease tension. Meditation is also said to increase blood flow to your brain, causes muscle relaxation, and boosts the immune system. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it a thousand more times: meditation helps with stress.
  3. Get Peer Support
    Sometimes you just need a helping hand. Sometimes you need a brain to pick, to bounce ideas off of someone, or to vent about a problem you’re having. These are all normal, human qualities that become underutilized when stress is apparent.

If you work in an office, on a construction site, or from home, managing your stress will lead to a long and healthy life. Utilizing these tips may aid in maintaining your physical and mental health.