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Feb 20
Jessica Avery

When you’re dealing with large scale projects, staffing is your largest commodity. Ensuring you have the correct number of tradespeople on the job every single day ensures you’re able to make your deadlines without serious bloat or backlogs. You’re still employing people and they may not be able to make it in every day. Property Answer can take all of you employee absentee calls from your projects, rather than having your on-site HR/payroll personnel fielding these calls.


We can dispatch your messages in a recap via email or text, all calls can be listened to and verified. With 24/7 availability, a team of Agents to field calls, and confirmation of all lost time calls, we’re able to ensure you have a solution to your personnel 365 days a year. With small teams on site, you’re not always able to respond, confirm and note absences as they occur, we’re able to take this administrative task, so they can focus on payroll, health and safety, and human resources concerns as they come up.

We understand that all areas of project management are only as good as the team you set in place to lead, so we choose leaders within our operations team. Our Agents are 20-year CAM-X Award of Excellence recipients, and we guarantee that every call is a great one. With professional and prompt service, we’re able to get the absence information quickly and courteously.

Choosing to utilize a North American based third-party attendance lines allows for you and your company to focus on the projects you have on hand. We understand that your business is based on personnel levels; scheduling multiple tradespeople across a site and verifying their presence on the job is imperative to reduce bloat on the overall project. Property Answer is able to document, and dispatch all absences in a timely manner to ensure you are able to restructure your day as needed.

If you want to learn more about how Property Answer’s employee check in line works, feel free to book an appointment with us!
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